Public Works

Public Works Superintendent: Wayne Ehrich
Public Works Workers: Nate Craig & Brian Mork

The Public Works Department takes care of three major areas: Streets, Sewer, and Parks and Rec.  This department can be reached at City Hall @ 507-789-6415.  After hours emergency number is the same.  Chose option 2 and your call will be directed to the on-call number.


REMINDER:  SUMP PUMP DISCHARGE:  Sump pumps must discharge onto your lawn or into the storm sewer system, NOT into the sanitary sewer system.  (City Code 705.25)


Leaf Disposal and Storm Drains:

The Public Works Department would like to remind residents that when you are raking your yards, do not place leaves nor grass clippings into the gutter or street areas. There is a chain reaction that occurs when leaves and/or grass clippings are allowed to go down storm drains. This debris goes directly into our rivers. This will lead to algae overgrowth, which causes oxygen levels to be depleted in our waterways. Reduced oxygen levels make it very difficult for fish and other animals to survive. 

City residents may dispose of yard waste at no charge in the designated area near the Public Works building located at 109 Gates Avenue.